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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that the month of April is going to be a little slacker when it comes to the recipes. Last week, I went on Easter vacation with my family to the Nantahala National Forest and had a blast hiking and zip lining and just hanging out in the mountains. Needless to say, I had neither the time nor technology to cook or write.

Now that I am home from vacation, I have 4 days to get my entire life together to make the 10 journey to my new job in Washington State.  I have decided to couchsurf my way across America (with the exception of my 4 days in Denver for AmeriCorps training) and have all of my hosts pretty much set up. However, Camille still needs to get her shots updated, I need to pack, I am working two full days, I have to drive to Macon to pick up a car part and I need to get my teeth cleaned. That is a lot to do in 4 days! Plus, I am still taking that online Stanford Game Theory class, which is an excessive amount of work. Double plus, I still have to find a house in Washington!

The moral of this story: don’t expect a lot of me this month. I will try to update on my road trip across country but I doubt that I will be cooking much considering my current nomadic condition.  However, I promise that I will make it up to you when I get to Washington and begin my 12 month 12 skill challenge. Which, by the way, I still need a few more inspiring ideas for!

Check back in May for some exciting new recipes in line with early harvest! Cheers!