I’m Marissa, a 27-year-old, insatiably curious trailblazer – what I will be trailblazing has yet to be determined. And, I have got some serious taste. Seriously expensive. The Budget Bon Vivant was created in desperation.  No longer able to afford my epicurean and cultural inclinations due to joining the Americorps, I was like a ME at a football game – lost and empty feeling. What choice did I have but to find new ways to fulfill these fancies? And thus, here we are. This is a learning blog and the recipes featured here are simplified versions of complex concepts.  Additionally, I am not a professional chef so there will be times when I will use less than technical terms and times when things don’t turn out as planned. Sorry – but technical perfection is not the goal. Healthy sensibility is the goal. Complete self sustainability without loosing quality and taste is the goal. And most importantly, satisfying my highbrow tastes in low-cost ways is the goal. Enjoy.

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”
~Oscar Wilde

*All photos were drawn / taken by me unless otherwise noted.